Boat Rentals

All of the vessels in the Village Community Boathouse fleet–the seven Whitehall gigs, the pilot gig, the gunning dory, the umiak, and the smaller rowboats now based in Prospect Park, Brooklyn–are available for photo and film shoots and other special events. This year, in fact, rental fees have become a significant source of income for the boathouse.

[Link to original, hi-res Google Photos Album “Photo Shoots”]

The biggest earner so far has been Warrior, our four-oared dory, whose sleek double-ended lines and natural finish seem to be particularly appealing to art directors and prop masters. In July, the boat was featured in an eight-page photo spread in M, a men’s fashion magazine; this month it was booked again for use in a television commercial for Cup Noodle.

Our Prospect Park rowboats have also been pressed into service. A transplanted Australian couple, Jess and Shane, used one of them as a part of their wedding ceremony in September, and a book-jacket photographer, Lauren Zurchin, will be shooting in another later this month.

If you’re interested in using a boat in a shoot or for a special event, or know someone who might be, please contact Rob Buchanan at [email protected].