Brooklyn Boatbuilding Project

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This project is a collaboration between the Village Community Boathouse, which is based on Pier 40 in Manhattan, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This summer we plan to offer a pilot school and community rowing program in Wallabout Channel, a protected arm of the East River that runs inland along Kent Avenue in South Williamsburg. The idea is to teach young people the basics of fixed-seat rowing (our boats are traditional, safe and stable wooden rowing gigs, not racing shells), open a new access point that will allow Brooklynites to get out onto the East River, and encourage the stewardship of an urban waterway that we hope someday to see restored.

Wallabout Channel is bulkheaded–that is, surrounded by a high concrete seawall–so in order to access our boat we need a floating dock and a ladder or gangway to get down to it. We’ve been loaned a number of modular plastic dock segments by the Harbor School on Governors Island, but need to purchase the connecting pins to tie the whole thing together. We also need to buy a few pieces of equipment in order to anchor the dock in place, so that it rests next to the buikhead. We estimate total costs at under $2,000.

Here’s the link to In Our Backyards, Inc. (IOBY) where you can go to make a donation:


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