Sunday, 1/7 Boatbuilding Update


Lorne Swarthout

The Sunday boatbuilding crew glued the first part of the gunwales in place today. Last Wednesday we steamed and bent these 5/8″ x 1 3/4″ x 28′ members in order to get them to bend smoothly around the boat. They will help stabilize our cedar/fiberglass eggshell. This was the last task before we flip the Hudson Star over to work on the inside. There was a full shop today as we marked the first session of 2024 with lots of enthusiasm.

Chuck and Gus also prepped the Quixotic for a rope fender. They cut a neat groove in the outer gunwale of this veteran gig in which we will glue a 1″ rope.Dan and Elys began building the cradle that will hold our Star when we flip it

over next week. 

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