Boatbuilding update: Our American Star

By Lorne Swarthout

The VCB boatbuilding program is starting up again following a short summer recess. After a fair amount of discussion, the Board has given the go-ahead to build a replica of the American Star. The photos show a west coast version of this boat.

This is a 27′ racing gig (a bit longer, narrower, and lighter than our Whitehalls) which is modeled on a famous 19th-century rowboat. Building it should keep us busy for at least nine months. Busy, and I should add, happy!

Open boatbuilding sessions will be Wednesday and Sunday afternoons, from noon to 4:00. Everyone is welcome, no notice is necessary. But if you can text me ahead of time to tell me you are coming it will help me to plan out the work.

Starting tomorrow we will begin laying out the strongback and drawing the molds over which our new boat will be built.  

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