Snow Row 2023

VCB sent two crews to the the 43rd annual Snow Row, a gathering and celebration of traditional rowing craft and rowers. The race was a 3 3/4 mile triangular course around a few islands and sand spits in Hull Bay. VCB’s youth crew rowing Warrior, a cox-4 Dory, finished, the race in 39.43 minutes. They were rewarded with golden clamshells for finishing first in their category (Youth Cox-4). The adult crew, rowing Whitehall Gig Pete Seeger finished the race with a time of 47.07 minutes

Youth Crew: Michelle Huang (coxswain), Jonathan Valdez, Mehmet Colak, Daniel Elliot & Daniel St. John

Adult Crew: Jackie Chen, Aminah Walton, Elizabeth Argiro, Cindy Lin & Dave Clayton (Coxswain)

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