Decking The GiG

by Lorne Swarthout

Over the last couple of weeks we have completed the framing of the decks of
our new gig. That has involved installing an inwale and an outwale and the
short, stubby “deck beams” that connect them. Now we are engaged in fitting
and gluing down the 1/4″ marine plywood that will cover this lattice work.
These decks will provide our gig with strength and rigidity and anchor the
oarlocks. They will be finished with a solid mahogany cap inside and out
and wrapped with a protective rope. You can see some of this in the photo
attached here.
We are also preparing the thole pin pads for the eight rowing options. They
are a sandwich of spruce on the bottom and super-hard ipe on the top. See
the photo.
Other important details in progress: the bow and stern decks and the mast
step and partner.
As always we are working Wednesday and Sunday afternoons, 12:30-4:00.
Everyone is welcome, but the number of jobs is beginning to shrink and the
more interesting ones often go to those who arrive on time.

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