Wednesday Boatbuilding Update


Lorne Swarthout

Yesterday we carefully lifted our new gig up off its molds, set it on horses, fastened three new cradles to the strongback, and then flipped it over and put it back, right side up at last.

With the outside now planked and glassed, and with the first gunwale glued in place, it is time to address the inside. That inside does not look so pretty right now. All the glue that we failed to wipe away when we were planking the gig is just lying there waiting for us.  

But it will get done. Scrapers and sure-forms and sanders will do the job. Lots of hands will make light work. And once it is smooth we can fiberglass it just as we did the outside.

We will be working Sundays and Wednesdays (and students on Fridays) for the next several weeks. Everyone welcome. 

So much glue!.jpeg

Andrew inspects the missing inside.

In the cradles.jpeg

Jon, Jason and David secure the new cradles.

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