Sunday Community Boatbuilding 2/26/23

By Lorne Swarthout

On Sunday a nimble crew of VCB volunteers laid the last length of glass cloth inside the new gig. While David P and Dan patiently rolled the thick molasses-like epoxy into the cloth, Elys, David B, Ruth, Jack, and Aidan carefully scraped up the excess juice until the cloth was saturated and tight to the boat. 

Meantime there was a steady team of mixers pumping and stirring to keep the process rolling. A tip of the hat to Aidan for staying behind to clean all the tools with vinegar. The fiberglassing of our new gig is now complete.

Under Marcel’s direction work on the frames and floors proceeded also. We should be able to start gluing these into the gig next week.

The painters were at work also. The razzle-dazzle finish on King Tide is finally looking like it is done, and the Pete Seeger oars are getting the Ukrainian blue and yellow treatment.

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