Sunday Community Boatbuilding 2/12/23

by Lorne Swarthout

The inside of our gig is now (mostly) smooth to the touch after a vigorous Sunday afternoon of scraping and sanding. It’s not really as smooth as a baby’s tush, but it’s about as close to that gold standard as boatbuilders are likely to get. With just a bit more work we will be ready to fiberglass the inside. 

In addition to polishing the inside of our cedar eggshell, we also ran some epoxy fillets to reinforce corners, shaped the top of the stem, and trimmed a handsome curve across the transom. Once the fiberglass is complete we will be making ribs and floors and decks. We have begun laying these out. 

Also today, the repainting of King Tide pushed ahead. Its dazzle camouflage color scheme of white, red, blue and black is almost complete. 

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