Sunday Community Boatbuildiing 2/19/23

by Lorne Swarthout

By one count there were 22 people at our boatbuilding session today. I don’t remember there ever being that many people, and I certainly don’t ever remember when we ran out of aprons. It was a busy day!

Today we laid glass cloth over half the interior of the gig, coaxing it into the stem and the transom, spreading clear epoxy until the cloth was saturated, and scraping until there were no drips or blobs. Next Sunday we will do the starboard side. The 12″ overlap in the center will give a little extra strength to the hull.

We also began the process of fitting out the inside of our gig by cutting out the frames and the floors. King Tide got one more coat of paint on its black patches.

There were a couple of grandkids in our crew today, and Sally brought us pizza again. Both are always welcome!

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