Portside Fiberglass

On Sunday a lively crew of boatbuilders completed fiberglassing the hull of our gig. Last week we glassed the starboard side; this week we attacked the port side. After we draped the cloth over the keel and down the port side, two folks with rollers laid on the resin. As soon as there was space, multiple people addressed the wet resin with their plastic scrapers, gently working it into the cloth and carefully scraping off the excess. The goal was to get the fiberglass cloth to lie tight to the wood, especially at the change-of-direction places where the hull met the keel, the stem and the transom. 

The day was a success. There are two clocks to watch with epoxy: after about 30 minutes it becomes too stiff to work with, nonetheless, it can continue to sag and bubble for several hours. So, we had to work fast to get it all pasted down and then hang around to babysit the drips. We worked well together under pressure and we were happy to hang out afterwards. Next steps: a couple of fill coats of epoxy resin and securing the outside gunwales. Then we will pop our gig up off the forms and start on the inside

Our work looks really good today. No air bubbles and both bow and stern lying down nice and snug like a baby in her cradle

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