Relaunch of Whitehall Gig David T. Heim

by Ingo Gunther

Today, after some refurbishing and sprucing up, Village Community Boathouse re-launched our most precious and beautiful boat, the David T Heim. 
We were lucky to have Judy Heim attending, telling us about the illustrious life that David Heim has had.  We learned about his career as a master marine electrician, tug boat captain,  captain school instructor, boat builder and adventurous, entertaining, and wonderful character. 
We toasted the splashing and will keep David, who used to build boats with us in the early days along with our legendary founder Mike Davis, in our memories. …while many more memories will be formed and shaped in this boat that carries his name into the future.
With special thanks to Lorne Swarthout who oversaw the original building process of the “DTH” and who strong-armed the boathouse into not just building another Whitehall gig, but building this smooth cedar strip beauty (breaking our boat-building budget in the process).  Thanks also to Marcel Dejean, the coconspirator / master on the project.  And thanks to our then-treasurer Paul Caviano for putting up only symbolic resistance.  And special thanks are also owed to Sally Curtis  who embraced the project back in 2017.

Judy Heim remembering David
Lorne Swarthout, VCB boatbuilder speaking at the relaunching ceremony

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