Snow Row 2022

On Saturday, March 5th, Village Community Boathouse sent two crews to the Hull Lifesaving Museum’s 41st annual Snow Row. It was a lovely, spring-like day, not too much wind, not too cold, and the sun was shining- almost ideal conditions. There was a celebratory atmosphere as this odd and diverse community of open water rowers got together on the beach once more after Snow Row and other open water races had been canceled for the past two years.

VCB’s Youth Crew won in their category: Youth Cox-4 Pro. (Pro meaning that they had rowed together before the race.) In fact, the VCB youth crew practiced rowing for the race in the cold off Pier 40 embayment for a month before the race and their hard work paid off. The winning crew rowing Warrior finished the 3 3/4 mile race in 41:41. Warrior was coxed by VCB Youth Program Coordinator, Mary Harvey. The VCB adult crew, rowing Notorious G.I.G, coxed by Dave Clayton, finished second with a time of 44:06.

Winning Warrior Crew: Mary Harvey, Hanson He, Christopher Dou, Emmy Chen, and Abigail Johnson

Notorious Crew: Don Betts, Stone Su, Nafel Kahn, Dave Clayton, and Marcel Dejean

Boat wranglers Marcel, Frank & Dave
Notorious and Warrior nesting on the trailer, heading for Hull
View of the Snow Row from the beach
Coxswain Dave Clayton
Notorious Crew launching
Winning Warrior crew showing off their golden clamshells
Boats and crew safely back at Pier 40

Thanks to Frank Cervi for towing and wrangling boats. Many thanks also to the parents of Mary Harvey and Nafel Kahn for transporting VCB’s high school rowers to the race. We are most grateful to Don & Martha Betts for putting us up for the night and to Don for taking an oar.

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