VCB Row Around Manhattan 2021

On September 11, 2021, thirty-two intrepid rowers circumnavigated the island of Manhattan in six Whitehall Gigs. The Row Around Manhattan (RAM) is an annual Fall fundraising event for Village Community Boathouse and each rower contributed a minimum of $100. The RAM is a challenging and incredibly scenic 30-mile voyage that begins at our boathouse on the south side of Pier 40, circles Manhattan on the Hudson, East and Harlem Rivers in a counter-clockwise direction, and ends with a spectacular party back at the boathouse.

Originally, the RAM was scheduled for August 22nd but Tropical Storm Henri interfered with our plans and we rescheduled the circumnavigation for September 11.

Special thanks to Ingo Gunther for driving the chase boat despite a sprained ankle and Dave Clayton and Lorne Swarthout for crewing. Thanks to Melissa Curtis for supplying the food for the after RAM party and Henry Yee and Regine Urbach for helping with setup and cleanup.

Whitehall Gig GML: Coxswain: Marcel Dejean
Crew: Ravtej Kohli, Katie Gilbert, Frank Cervi, Hamilton Sands
Whitehall GIG Quixotic, Coxswain: Mary Harvey
Crew: Emmy Chen, Stone Su, Nafel Khan, Michelle Huang
Whitehall Gig Bird: Coxswain Deborah Clearman
Crew: David Tan, Andy Lin, Evelyn Chen, Catherine Chen
Whitehall Gig Notorious G.I.G.: Coxswain: Andrew Leung
Crew: Chris Dong, Bella Signorelli, Pranjal Modi, Emily Travis,
Whitehall Gig Storm Queen: Coxswain: Sally Curtis, Crew: Cadamus Quin, Derek Wollenstein, Daniella Bauleo, Edward Moffet, Leticia Lew
Whitehall Gig Pete Seeger: Coxswain: Michael Anton
Crew: Barbara Garson, Nelsie Aybar-Grau, Linda Seekamp, Francis Yesurathinam, Vivek Sanan
VCB Youth Crew: Coxswain and VCB Youth Rowing Coordinator Mary Harvey and crew
Safety Boat: Ingo Gunther at the wheel, Lorne Swarthout, Dave Clayton
The RAM Itinerary

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