Coxswain Training August 21st

Rob Buchanan instructing prospective VCB coxswains

Congratulations to the 25 people who completed the 2021 VCB Coxswain Training Saturday–you are listed below. 
Remember that this is just the first step, and that experience and judgment take time to acquire. If you want to become a senior coxswain and trip leader, or just a more accomplished mariner, keep coming down to the boathouse to row and, when possible, take the yoke lines and steer.
Don’t hesitate to be in touch with any questions, suggestions, or concerns, and thank you for your support of the Village Community Boathouse!
Rob Buchanan, coxswain training coordinator

ps–Special thanks to Sally Curtis, Dave Clayton, Mary Harvey, Jon Lu, Chris Dou, Tizoc Gomez, Marcel Dejean, Pablo Garcia, and Frank Cervi. 

2021 Jr. Coxswain Trainees

Stuyvesant Rowing Club:
Abi Johnson, Catherine Chen, Emmy Chen, Chris Dong, Evelyn Chen, Richard Chen, Pranjal Modi, Michelle Huang

NY Harbor School:
Camillo Cretara, Aelish Mullaney, Marifer Sanchez-Gaspar, Nick Pabotoy, Beatrix Alevras, Liana Martin-Peterson, Catherine Murphy

Cooper Union rowers: Karan Gill, David Yang, Jonathan Pan, Amaan Rahman

Rocking the Boat: Daniel Martinez, Silvana Genao, Mitchell Bess

VCB adults: Derek Wallenstein, Barbara Garson, Peter Wellings

Coxswain trainees learning to check out boats
Practicing maneuvers
Frank showing them how it’s done.

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