Volunteer boatbuilders have been very busy this autumn at the VCB boat shop on Pier 40. Even as outside temperatures have dropped and our rowing gigs have gone into winter quarters, the shop has hummed with activity. It has also hummed with a very loud, but very efficient, gas heater!
Every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon VCB members and assorted volunteers have gathered to work on three big projects. One of these, which is just about finished now, was repairing and repainting Silversides, a rowing skiff from the Prospect Park collection. A second project is building a traditional Norwegian pram from a Simon Watts design. The pram is about half-finished. And a third project is a new cedar strip canoe being built over the same molds we used for the Figure 8 last year. Preliminary work on the canoe is just about finished and the planking is about to begin. 

The photos attached here can give you a good idea of how each of these projects is proceeding. They can also suggest how many people are getting involved in the work. What they can only hint at is how much fun we are having. We look forward every Wednesday and Sunday to our regulars and we welcome any and all newcomers to join us.

Lorne and Marcel


Noewegian Pram:


Volunteer Boatbuilders

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