VCB at Heroes of the Harbor Parade of Boats

By Deborah Clearman

Every year Village Community Boathouse participates in the Parade of Boats at Chelsea Piers, hosted by the Waterfront Alliance honoring the “Heroes of the Harbor.” Monday evening, due to a small mishap, our pilot gig King Tide nearly sank at the dock before launching. After some valiant pumping and bailing of the bilge we made it to the parade, at the head of human-powered boats. Dave Clayton coxed under threatening skies. The row back to Pier 40 against the current, a hard southerly wind, and big waves whetted our appetites. Michael Anton and Andrew Leung made it to the gala in time to meet honoree Congressman Jerrold Nadler

King Tide Bailing Crew
Deborah Bailing in the Rain with Assistance from Michael Anton
Waiting for the Parade to Start
Coxswain Dave Clayton At The Helm
Michael Anton meeting with Congressman Jerold Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee

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