Row to Mitsuwa

By Paul Caviano

Mitsuwa Crew

Saturday was our third annual row from Pier 40 to the famous Mitsuwa Market in Edgewater.  The row north was challenging with a contrary breeze and the start of the ebb tide, but the crews persevered.  After securing the boats on the rocky beach it was time for well-deserved ramen and lychee ice cream and assorted snacks, and stocking up on some Japanese grocery essentials that can be hard to find in the city. 

After eating and shopping were done, the team lingered on the beach, enjoying the fantastic view across to Riverside Park under a pure blue sky.  We then pushed off for the trip home.  The row back was a breeze on the strong ebb tide, taking half the time of the northward leg. 

Great job, rowers!  Kudos to senior coxswains Mackie and Frank for keeping everyone safe and organized.  Congrats to new(ish) rowers Jing, Ryan, Dee, and Yoko.  Thanks to unofficial junior coxswains Phoebe, Wenjie, Dorian, Dhruv, and Jim for sharing some boat driving.

This is a great longish row — we should do it more often! Next time maybe we’ll try landing on the beach by the old golf driving range that Frank scopes out — it’s a bit steep but without the rocks and old pilings by Mitsuwa.thatbFrank scopes out — it’s a bit steep but without the rocks and old pilings by Mitsuwa.

This mural on the south side of Pier 40 is the work of street artist Stephen (ESPO) Powers who was commissioned by the (RED) foundation and The Global Fund as part of the campaign to eradicate AIDS worldwide.

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