Snow Row 2019

VCB High School Rowing Crew – Winners of the Golden Clamshells
Sophia Day, Mark Winter, Yoshio Ohno, Ciaran Diep, Lucien Eckert

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, March 9th for the 40th annual Snow Row in Hull, Mass. sponsored by The Hull Lifesaving Museum. VCB sent two crews – one youth and one adult rowing Pete Seeger and David Thorleif Heim (DTH), the new cedar-strip built gig. DTH, fresh out of the shop, suffered a few dings and scratches in her nearly perfect hull trailering and racing.

The VCB High School Rowing Crew in Pete Seeger came in first in their class – Youth Coxed-4 Pro. The pro category is distinguished from amateur by having practiced rowing together at least once. The adult crew did not do as well. However, DTH finished the race relatively unscathed which is noteworthy because of the LeMans-style start of the Snow Row – Rowers must run down to bow-on-the-beach boats, launch and then do a 180-degree turn to start. Lots of opportunities for collisions. The best part is the incredible array of wooden rowing craft. VCB’s DTH got lots of attention.

Towing Crew with Stacked Gigs Ready To Leave Pier 40
Crews Enjoying Breakfast at the Olympia Diner in Braintree Before the Race
Youth Crew in Pete Seeger
Adult Crew in DTH
Andrew Leung Jackie Chen, Marcel Dejean, Frank Cervi, and Dave Clayton
DTH and Pete Back Home in the Pier 40 Boathouse

Special Thanks to Frank Cervi for driving and Jackie Chen for chaperoning.

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