VCB Youth Race 2018

By Phil Yee & Sally Curtis

The Winners -The Harbor School Boneheads won overall with a time of 18:07

Youth rowers from Stuyvesant, Sound School, and the Harbor School competed in the annual VCB Youth Race this year.  Originally scheduled for Saturday, November 10th, the race was postponed to Sunday due to a forecast of high winds. The colorful crew names were the best part:  Boneheads, Wave Breakers, Mixed Nuts, Eat my Bubbles, Misfit Toys, Mixed Nuts, and Kiss My Stern.

The Youth Race was won by Harbor School’s Boneheads with a total time of 18:07. Harbor School’s Wave Breakers came in second with a time of 18:32, and Sound School’s SS Men took 3rd place with a time of 18:47. Stuyvesant’s Mixed Nuts came in 4th with a total time of 19:17. The Sound School crew Eat my Bubbles finished 5th with a total time of 20:07.

 The day started with a Long Race on the Hudson River from Pier 40 down to Pier 26. The Perimeter Timed Heats were sprints around the Pier 40 embayment. The times were combined between the Long Race and the Perimeter Timed Heats with time adjusted head to head sprints.   The two rounds of Perimeter Heats finished up the race and times of each crew.  

 The Harbor School “Wave Breakers” snapped an oar in two at the start line and were granted a restart after Marcel acted quickly delivering them a replacement bow oar. Subsequently, the crew changed their name to  “Oar Breakers”.

The race was fun and the weather was warm so everyone had a good time. We had over 100 people and consumed more than 90 hot dogs and 100 burgers. Thanks to all the incredible people who volunteered their time to make the make the event a success.     

The Whole Harbor School Crew

The Whole Stuyvesant Crew

Phil Yee- Race Coordinator

Sayed Hogue – Chase Boat Captain

Michael Anton – Master of Ceremonies


Paul Caviano – Score Keeper


East River Crew




Long Row


Perimeter Timed Heats


Photos by Sucre del Rios – Harbor School Parent


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