Head of the Weir 2018

VCB’s Youth Coxed-4 crew won Head of the Weir River race in their category, finishing in 41minutes, 22 seconds, beating Sound School by 35 seconds.  The VCB HIgh School Rowing crew, coxed by Sophia Day rowed Gold Rush, a stretch gunning dory built by high school students and community volunteers at VCB’s Community Boatbuilding Program. The adult crew, coxed by Dave Clayton rowed Warrior to the finish in 40 minutes, 48 seconds – 48 seconds behind the Fiona in first place. The VCB adult crew’s time was actually more than a minute faster than the VCB high school crew. However, the Golden Clam Shells went to the kids.

Because of high sustained winds with 30 mph gusts the 5.5-mile race course was shortened to avoid the open waters of Hull Bay. The rowers stayed in the relatively protected waters of the estuary finishing at the marina in Hull. 

VCB Cox-4 Youth Crew: Sophia Day, Mark Winter, Ciaran Diep, Lucien Eckert, and Yoshi Ohno. 

VCB Coxed-4 Adult Crew: Dave Clayton, Marcel DeJean, Ka Ming Wong, Cillian Hogan, and Andrew Leung.

IMG_0856 IMG_0840.TRIM


Photos by Ran Bi and Sally Curtis

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