Ana & Dave’s Wedding

Ana Chiu and David Palsgrove were married on Saturday, August 18th on the beach at the Alpine Pavilion in Palisades Park, New Jersey beside the majestic Hudson River. The bride and groom are boat lovers and have supported the mission of the Village Community Boathouse for many years as volunteer program coordinators, coxswains, and rowers. So, it was no surprise to those who know and love them that Dave and Ana invited the VCB crew and two Whitehall Gigs to the ceremony. The bride and groom arrived at the beach in two separate gigs-The groom arrived first and waited with the wedding party for his bride. Rather than walk down the aisle, Ana was rowed down the river to meet her Dave on the beach. They exchanged vows and the party moved into the pavilion just as it began to rain. Perfect timing!Pete Seeger and Storm Queen were towed to Alpine for the wedding behind VCB’s chase boat captained by Ingo Gunther with Dave Clayton

The bride and groom, Ana & Dave ready to embark on their voyage

Dave with bridesmaid Emily TravisThe bridal boat

The bride arrives!

The Ceremony















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