Whitehall Gig David Thorleif Heim Planking Complete

Lorne Swarthout
The planking is complete! On Sunday, July 15, the VCB boat building crew added the last of the 108 cedar strips that make up the hull of our new gig, the David T. Heim. 
The planking process began about 8 weeks ago. It involved glueing thin strips of western red cedar (1/4″ x 3/4″) edge to edge, held in place temporarily with a small brads at 15 points down the hull. 
The next step will be to sand the outside of the hull and get it ready for fiberglass. 
Volunteers are working on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons (and sometimes days in between). Anyone interested in having a hand in this exciting project is invited to join us. No experience needed!

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