Spring Boatbuilding Update

Marcel Dejean
Spring is (theoretically) here, so it’s time to recount what has been accomplished at VCB’s Community Boatbuilding this past winter!

The Banneker Boat

On Sunday, March 11 we launched the Banneker, a 13-foot Whitehall rowboat that was started two years ago by students at Benjamin Banneker High School for Community Development near the Brooklyn Navy Yard. When it was moved to Pier 40 to be completed it had three planks. Volunteers at Pier 40 added the fourth plank, the gunwales, and seats.

The Canoe


The cedar strip canoe that was started last summer is almost done. We are waiting for a warm spring day to put the coating of varnish on it.

A New Gig

Work has begun on a new Whitehall Gig. This gig will be named for David T. Heim, who helped build many of the Whitehall Gigs at Pier 40. In the past few weeks we have constructed the strongback and the temporary frames on which the boat will be built.

This “upside down” strip-planked build will be very different from what we have done in the past, and we are excited/curious/cautious about how it will compare to building a boat “right side up”. 
Boatbuilding at Pier 40 continues Sundays 12-3 and Wednesdays 3-6pm.

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