Winter Boatbuilding Update

Here is a picture of Peter with a drop-in Spanish visitor, Mikel, along with our progress yesterday. We successfully glued the inwales in place. This firmly establishes the sheer line and sets up the next steps, outwales and decks. It was a very productive couple of hours.

The new stem patches look okay. They will need some more sanding. I did some sanding and scraping. The epoxy is still “green” and it comes off with a sharp scraper. The decks will come together just fine with a bit more fitting.

The Canoe Crew
The Whole Crew

Petite fete, going away party for Jean-Noel. He will be missed.

The canoe seats are in, completing the woodworking on this VCB project that we began in June. It remains to complete the finishing: one coat of epoxy in and out and a couple of coats of varnish. And paddles!

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