Icebreaker 2017

Two and a half VCB High School crews, chaperoned by Leo Au-Yeung traveled by bus to Boston’s Fort Point Channel to compete in Hull Lifesaving Museum’s Icebreaker, a youth race with over 240 rowers from all over New England. 
VCB fielded one “first fours” crew of five (experienced rowers of four oared boats)  – Kenny Lin, Kevin Liu, Angela Peng, Puneet Johal with coxswain Melina Tsai. Two more VCB high school rowers, Nafel Kahn & Inhyuk Jun, joined three Rhode Island rowers to form a “second fours” crew (less experienced rowers)
Both VCB crews came in second place in their respective categories. Crews  were  divided into categories according to experience/skill level and type of boat: Novice, Second and First  crews of four-oared and six-oared boats.
The crews enjoyed Breakfast and Lunch served in the Barking Crab, which was closed to the public just for the race.
The course for the heats was challenging for VCB’s First Fours.  The tide was rising, so course went out towards the direction of Boston Harbor instead of inland. Lots of twists and turns as crews navigated twice around the course. 
The race culminated in the Nautical Mile: boats rowed or were towed a mile out into the harbor (VCB got towed). When the race started, the entire fleet of more than ten boats participating in the nautical mile sprint rowed their hearts out towards the finish line at the entrance to Fort Point Channel.
Special thanks to Leo Au-Yeung, High School Rowing Coordinator, for organizing and chaperoning.
Thanks to Eric Cerny for helping to fund the VCB crews

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