Head of the Weir



Sally Curtis

On Saturday, October 21st, two crews, one adult and one youth, made their way to Hull, Mass to compete in the 31st Annual Head of Weir River Race, sponsored by The Hull Lifesaving Museum. 

With more than 60 boats registered in 10 categories, the field was diverse and at times crowded with over 150 rowers from all over New England. The race is 5.5  miles long, beginning in the Weir River Estuary and ending on open water. The race course ran  from West Corner (on the Hingham/ Hull/ Cohasset line), past Bumpkin Island, across Hull Bay, to the museum’s Windmill Point Boathouse at Hull Gut. The Weir draws coxed youth and adult rowers in gigs, single and double livery and workboats, currachs, and ocean shells, as well as experienced kayakers. In the “head of the river” format, boats kick-off the starting line at closely-timed intervals. Despite the stiff competition, VCB’s adult crew, Cox-4 Adult, rowing Warrior won in their category. The youth crew, rowing Gold Rush came in third, only seven seconds behind the second place Sound School boat, Hoda Jane and 20 seconds behind the winner.

Race Results: HERE

Thanks to Leo Au-Yeung, VCB’s High School Rowing Coordinator for organizing

Coxed 4 Youth:
Melina Tsai
Kenny Lin
Kevin Liu
Angela Peng
Puneet Johal
Coxed 4 Adult:
Dave Clayton
Leo Au-Yeung
Andrew Leung
Jackie Chen
Inhyuk Jun



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