Fort Wadsworth Overnight Row


Joe Fung

On May 20, Joe Fung and Teresa Wang rowed the Feather to Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island from the Village Community Boathouse for an overnight encampment in the national park. Invited by Sebago Canoe Club and the National Park Service, the two rowers were joined by paddlers from local area clubs including Yonkers Rowing & Paddling Club, Inwood Canoe Club, Long Island City Community Boathouse, North Brooklyn Boat Club, Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, and the Red Hook Boaters. While the weather was chilly and damp, the 10-mile journey marked by interchanging periods of rowing and bilge pumping was ultimately successful and the long day concluded with a joint BBQ and drinks at the campfire, a night tour of the colonial fort, and well-deserved rest in the tents.
The next day saw the boaters separate and undergo the reverse trip to return to their respective homes; the weather was noticeably much sunnier and at the trip’s end, everyone was safe and sound. Although the day began with everyone disjoining and dividing amongst their clubs, it was understood that unity would return on the little plot of land next year for fun and merriment once again.

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