Denyse Warf Row


Marcel Dejean

The row went great. We left a little behind schedule, got there around noon. Notorious, coxed by Paul, was rowed; Rachel coxed by me set sail at the Battery. It wasn’t very windy so Notorious was consistently faster and arrived about 15 minutes ahead of us.

The beach at Denyse Wharf is sandy but filled with tires and debris. Louis from the Waterfront Alliance said he thinks the Army Corps of Engineers put the tires there. The city councilman posed in front of Notorious with some reenactors and then we took them out for a 5 minute row. After that we took a few groups of the public out. Thanks to Deborah for managing the waivers and order.

We left around 3pm. Eric coxed Rachel and Paul again took Notorious. Rachel set sail at Bay Ridge. The wind died around the Battery and we had to row again. The wind was stronger on the way back than on the way there but still weak and Notorious arrived back at Pier 40 about ten minutes ahead of us.IMG_20160827_102559IMG_20160827_125056IMG_0426

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