Battle For Mau Mau Island

Joe Fung
This past weekend, a gang of VCB rowers trekked into the far reaches of Rockaway with the Notorious GIG in tow to experience the Battle for Mau Mau Island. The annual flotilla event in Jamaica Bay, a collision of DIY makeshift “boat” building and a raucous party on the high seas, sought “to increase the use and awareness of public waterways, specifically their potential as a frontier of temporary arts and theatrical spaces, recognizing the increasing scarcity of free creative space in NYC.”

Fueled by spirits and the 90+ degree heat, the swashbuckling gangs engaged in some friendly competition; the illustrious and ancient marine tradition of the five Mau Mau Challenges: pillaging, human swimming race, pugil fighting, the regatta, and of course, boat jousting. Though our crew took early loses in pillaging and the swimming race, we handily defeated the inferior gangs in the regatta where the metaphoric Greased Egg was captured from the figurative beach and deposited on the “Atoll”. Though we had no fighter to represent us in pugil fighting, none dared to challenge us in boat jousting where VCB remains the champion since the Viking days of yore. The competition was harsh and well fought, and we extend our congratulations to the Beavers With Cleavers gang for taking the Mau Mau Cup this year.
Celebrations in the water lasted until sundown where afterwards our gang departed back to their dwellings to await the next gathering of skulduggery, treachery, and violence.

Battle of Mau Mau 2016

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