Public Rowing in Prospect Park


From Prospect park Rowing 6/20

The Village Community Boathouse is offering free public rowing on Prospect Park Lake this summer.

Sessions run from noon until 4:00 PM on Saturdays from June 4 to August 27.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Community rowing is open to all, although some physical dexterity is required to get in and out of the boats. The focus of the program is recreation in a safe and respectful environment. Each participant must sign a waiver; under 18s need to be escorted by a parent. Life jackets are provided—and must be worn!

WHAT WE ROW: We use a diverse fleet of traditional wooden rowing boats, built by volunteers and similar in shape and appearance to those used in the early days of park rowing.

WHERE WE ARE BASED: Boats are launched from the ramp on Well House Drive in the southwest corner of the lake. Our temporary boathouse–two shipping containers–is located just across from the ramp.

WHY WE DO IT: Rowing is a beautifully simple, healthy, and empowering sport, and the ample waters of the lake are an ideal place to pursue its pleasures. The park is surrounded by a large and diverse population that needs more access to on-water recreation.

HOW WE FUND IT: We are a nonprofit organization entirely run by volunteers. While no commitment is required from those who row with us, our facilities, boats and equipment require regular upkeep and repair. Your donations make our program possible.

MORE QUESTIONS? WANT TO VOLUNTEER? Email us at [email protected], or phone Rob Buchanan at 917 656 7285.

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