Prospect Park Lake Cleanup

By Sally Curtis
Photos by Seth Kaplan and Sally Curtis

Community Volunteers from three organizations filled more than 15 bags of trash collected from the water and shoreline of Prospect Park Lake on Saturday in the first annual Cleanup of Prospect Park Lake. Mary Beth Artz of W.I.L.D., a community group that cares for the flora and fauna of Prospect Park and focuses on the lakeside and the dangers to wildlife such as fishing line, hooks, bags etc. along the Seth Kaplan of Parks4Us and Village Community Boathouse sponsored the cleanup. Many of these areas are difficult to access and can only be reached by boat. Village Community Boathouse supplied the boats and rowers. WILD and Parks4Us provided volunteer garbage collectors and Prospect Park Alliance supplied grabbers to retrieve the debris from the water and shoreline.

From Prospect Park Lake Cleanup 2
Prospect Park Lake Cleanup 2

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