VCB vists Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse

Paul Caviano

From VCB Visits Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse

Both the wind and current were northbound on a recent Sunday, and the plan that seemed reasonable ashore — across to Jersey City, then south to Morris Channel — was looking iffy. So the crew, comprised of Hans, Margaret, Rene, Larry, Elena, David, and I decided on a plan B. We would row to the beach in Hoboken at Maxwell Place Park. Frozen yogurt and Starbucks would tide us over till slack at 3:50 PM, and hopefully the wind would ease up by then.

JML and occupants were soon at the mouth of the cove and we found we had lots of company. The Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse was open for business, running the season-opening session of their weekly free kayaking program. Actually, it’s their free kayak, canoe, stand-up paddleboard program, and the cove was nicely speckled with boats and boards. By comparison the JML was the big dog, and the paddle leaders called out to “mind the longboat, longboat coming in!” Martine, the group leader on the beach, helped clear a spot for us and kindly assisted with our landing and tie-up.

Safely ashore, the crew headed for refreshments and later mingled with the various paddlers and program volunteers enjoying a perfect Sunday afternoon. The walk-up paddling was very well organized and everyone seemed pleased with the chance to get out into the cove. A couple of strollers-by were a bit disappointed that they could not go beyond the end of the relatively small cove. I gave them the VCB address and rowing schedule should they wish to get out into the big river, so maybe we’ll see them on the New York side some day.

At 4 PM the crew piled back into JML and pushed off from home. The wind had not let up, and the stiff 10+ MPH wind out of the south made for a good workout. The crew was up to the task, buoyed by the fresh muscles we could swap into the rowing positions. We got a good look at two NCL cruise ships slipping down the river past our starboard side before turning into the cove at Pier 40. All in all, a good day of sights and sounds and exercise in the city’s biggest public space.

Happy rowing!

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