Row to Liberty State Park

Brian Tong

From LSP

The King Tide, Pete Seeger, and Quixotic left the boathouse at 12:15 PM with 18 aboard–7, 6, and 5 respectively. The fleet arrived at Liberty State Park at 2 PM. The King Tide crew attempted to beach at the jetty near the Liberty State Park office 0.6 miles from the diner, but found that it was quite rocky and there was insufficient space for the three boats. Luckily, Pete Seeger found a secure floating dock within a 5 min walk from the diner. Since we had to queue up ourselves to dock on it, they went into the diner first as the Quixotic and King Tide crews watched the boat, and vice versa when the Quixotic and Tide crews ate. After that, we paid Port Liberté a visit.

Seeger, having people who needed to be off the water earlier, left before King Tide and Quixotic did, so they did their round by Port Liberté first and came back to Pier 40 at 5:15.

Tide and Quixotic stayed around the general area of Liberty State Park adjacent to Liberty and Ellis Islands after visiting Port Liberté before heading back to Pier 40 at 6:30 with a SSE tailwind in the mid 10s.

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