Snow Row 2015

From Snow Row 2015

VCB sent two boats and crews to the Snow Row this year. King Tide, a 32′ 6-oared Cornish Pilot Gig and Warrior was manned by a mixed crew of high school, college and community rowers. Warrior, a 26′ Stretch Gunning Dory had an adult crew of college and community rowers. The Snow Row lived up to its name this year with a lot of snow but no winds and relatively mild temperatures making for surprisingly favorable conditions. Official Race results are in: King tide, Coxed 6, Mixed Y/A, amateur(the crew never rowed together before) finished in 36th place out of a field of 58 boats with a time of 0:39:44. Warrior, Coxed 4, Adult, Amateur finished in 31st place with a time of 0:38:56. The fastest boat in the race finished first with a time of 0:29:47 and the slowest came in at 1:00:13.

Check out this drone video from the Snow Row

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