Round Manhattan Row Fundraiser 2014

From Round Manhattan Rpw 2014

On Saturday, September 27th, 50 rowers in 9 row boats circumnavigated the island of Manhattan to raise money for Village Community Boathouse. Setting off from Pier 40 at 7:00 AM, the fleet rounded the Battery at 7:30. for the Battery, the fleet was back before 5:00 PM. There were three stops: The DEC dock in Gantry State Park, Long Island City; the beach on the west side of Randall’s Island; the beach behind the pier on Dykeman Street on the Hudson.
The event was a great success on many levels-The fundraising goal at the outset was to raise $5000 but the total at the end of the day came to more than $6500. Most important, everyone had a grand time. Thanks to all of the intrepid rowers who donated their time and money to make this fundraiser such a great success!
Special thanks to David Shehigian and Rob Buchanan for organizing and Briana Hulet for doing a fantastic job catering the after party.

Rob’s Round Manhattan Row Photos:

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