Memorial Day Row to Governors Island

by Dexter Tong

From Governors Island Row

Five gigs set out in the morning for Governors Island from Pier 40. Around thirty people showed up for the excursion, representing Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, NEST+m, LAB, and several other high schools. The fleet rowed south through the slack tide, eventually landing at the island at approximately noon. Though it was sunny and in the 80s for most of the day, the rowers were able to enjoy all that Governors Island has to offer; historic forts, vast lawns, food trucks, and a swath of new park space spanning to the southern tip of the island. Everyone reconvened in the afternoon to head back to the boathouse. The trip was tough, as the gigs needed to cross the East River flood and fight the last of the Hudson River ebb with the sun continuously shining down, with few clouds in sight. All were exhausted, but it was a worthwhile trip to see the new Governors Island.

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