Brooklyn Navy Yard Build and Bash

From BNY510

Here are some shots of the Benjamin Banneker Rowing Club assembling a 15-foot Whitehall rowboat at Building 92, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Museum and Visitors Center. The boat is roughly based on plans for a “New York Whitehall” that was built at the Navy Yard 150 years ago and is described in Howard Chappelle’s “American Small Craft.” Once finished and painted it will be used in VCB’s Prospect Park Lake rowing program this summer where families can take free boat rides, see their craftsmanship and learn more about the historical significance of this vessel.
The New York Whitehall was part of the Brooklyn Boat Builders Bash at the Brooklyn Navy Yard where students from Benjamin Banneker Academy and VCB volunteers invited the public to help sand and paint the hull. The event was a celebration of locally-made boats, community boathouses and Brooklyn’s proud nautical heritage.

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