Boatbuilding at Pier 40

From Boatbuilding 1-5-14

There’s lots of work to be done as VCB has three boatbuilding projects underway and one gig in the repair bay. Rob Buchanan is supervising the build of a 5-planked Whitehall Gig. The gig, which remains nameless, was begun by Rob’s class of Lang students who retain naming rights. Work has continued with volunteers from the VCB community and Stuyvesant High School. So far, the keel and garboard are in place and the second plank will soon follow.
Other boatbuilding projects include a Prospect Park Lake boat to be tested and used in VCB’s Prospect Park Lake Rowing Program which is to be continued next summer. Rob is building the boat at the Brooklyn Navy Yard with the assistance of Bannaker High School students. The third building project, a 28′ stretch gunning dory, is being led by David Shehigian. Notorious G.I.G., our most popular boat (I think it’s the name) is in the repair bay. Dave Clayton has begun work on the thole pin risers which are well worn.
Boatbuilding sessions are held at the Village Community Boathouse on Pier 40 on Wednesdays at 3:00 PM and Sundays at Noon. All are welcome to lend a hand.

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