VCB Fall Fundraiser 2013

The party was a great success thanks to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make it happen. According to our Treasurer Ruth Lindner, the total receipts were $2,749.30 and the total expenses were $789.89 which gives us a total profit of $1,959.41. We made a little more money than in years past had a lot more fun. Franks’s karaoke was a new addition and a big hit. Deborah Clearman and Hans did a great job on the raffle. Ruth, Lissa and Hans manned the door for hours despite the chill. The Daves were all over doing everything. Sungmin and all the Stuyrowers who bought tickets, showed up sold lots of raffle tickets. Also thanks to everyone who brought food. There was more than enough for everyone. Michael Anton took lots of great pictures and also DJ’d the raffle drawing. Brendan Malone and Casa Mantequilla were fabulous and a great time was had by all.
We are most grateful to Angela Krevy who gave us the Frying Pan free of charge again this year.

Photos by Michael Anton & Mitra Mehin

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