Alpine Raid

At 1 PM on October 12, the King Tide and the Bird set off from Pier 40 for Alpine, New Jersey, about 16 miles north. Stymied by strong headwinds, the crew of the Bird turned back, got in a car, and drove to Alpine, stopping to buy groceries on the way. King Tide pressed on, finally arriving six hours later as darkness fell. Hats off to the rowers for their perseverance, and a big thanks to Ron and Barbara, local power boaters who offered a tow for the last mile. Alpine is a beautiful place to camp, and the younger contingent kept the fire burning late (the old people took Advil and went to bed). After a hearty breakfast of coffee, donuts and croissant mcmuffins–thank you Frank!–and a quick field repair on the mast step, we backed out at 8:40 and, with the wind still howling, shipped oars and immediately set sail. Two hours and 15 minutes later we were back at Pier 40.

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