Round Manhattan 2013

Some shots from yesterday’s ‘Rocking Manhattan’ benefit row, a collaborative effort of VCB and South Bronx nonprofit Rocking the Boat (our boats and coxes, their fundraising expertise and Program Assistants). The first two legs, Pier 40 to Hallets Cove in Astoria, and then to Swindlers Cove in Upper Manhattan, went off without a hitch. The third leg, back down the Hudson to Pier 40, was an epic sea voyage, thanks to 20-knot winds out of the south. Nevertheless all eight of our gigs made it home, along with the people on them, and the after party was great. Along the way some serious cash was raised (see RTB’s ‘Rocking Manhattan’ website for details). Thanks to all the great volunteers on our end, and to our partners at Rocking the Boat!


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