VCB at MWA City of Water Day

From C of WD

VCB volunteers and Stuyrowing rowed three gigs to Governor’s Island for MWA’s annual City of Water Day. In addition, two crews built kayaks and raced them in the cardboard kayak race. Becky Olinger, with Sally Curtis and grandson Tristan brought Cornish Pilot Gig, King Tide and Stretch Gunning Dory, Warrior over on the ferry. The cardboard kayaks designed and built by VCB volunteers did not win the race. However, it was a lovely day spent in the shade of the Sycamore trees at Colonel’s Row talking to the interested public about our boats and our program. Almost 20 VCB volunteers camped for the night on Governor’s Island. A drenching rain cooled off the crew just as tents were being set up for the night. We were a bit soggy but the cool rain was a relief after the heatwave.
Thanks to Hua Joe Fung for organizing the rowers and Becky Olinger for towing and supervising. Also thanks to Dave Clayton for making it all happen.

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