Stuy Rowing Wins Race

On Saturday, May 11, the Village Community Boathouse sent two boats, a Whitehall gig, the Notorious GIG and a stretch gunning dory ,the Warrior to be raced in the 1st Annual Elm City Open Water Rowing Event hosted by the Sound School in New Haven, CT. The two crews sent by the Stuyvesant Rowing Club raced valiantly on the three mile course against the Sound School and Bridgeport. The Warrior and its crew placed first with a time of 22:41, beating not only First Constitution and its crew but the two six oared gigs as well. The Notorious GIG placed first out of the Whitehall gigs.
Warrior crew – Dexter Tong, Curtis Bezault, Kristina Pan, Eric Cerny, and Joe Fung
Notorisis GIG – Junze He, Brian Tong, Alex Grattery, Willie Xu, and Sungmin Kim
by Hua Joe Fung

From Sound School Race

(Front Row) Sungmin Kim, Brian Tong, Willie Xu, Christina Pan, Eric Cerny
(Back Row) Dexter Tong, Curtis Bezault, Junze He, Hua Joe Fung, Alex Grattery

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