VCB-Harbor School Row to Croton Point Park-6-9-12

Fourteen students from Urban Assembly New York Harbor School accompanied by Harbor School Staff Tizoc Gomez, Brendan Malone, and Ann Fraoli along with VCB volunteers, Sally Curtis, Becky Olinger and Dave Clayton set out from Pier 40 on Saturday for a two day row to Croton Point Park. The mission was to deliver the three boats to Croton to be used at the Clearwater Festival next weekend. All together, this joint VCB-Harbor School effort transported 14 students, amassed over 100 collective blisters, carried about 500lbs of food and water, ate 48 fresh farm eggs from the Governor’s Island farm, rescued 6 live persons in Man Overboard Drills and averaged 3nm per hour for the entire trip.

This was the first time Harbor Students had ever rowed anything even remotely close to 30nm. This was a huge accomplishment for the students and the school and we thank you all for your hard work, persistence and support in making this trip a reality.

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