King Tide at the Snow Row

Dave Clayton, Michael Anton, Sally Curtis and 4 year old Tristan Cepeda set off on Friday morning from Pier 40 with King Tide, VCB’s 32 ft Pilot Gig, to join the rest of the crew in Hull Massachusetts for the Snow Row, a 3 3/4 mile open water race. Becky Olinger was the cox, Phil Shinn was stroke, with Dave in the 5 seat, Fabian Czerwinski in the 4 seat, followed by Kathy Sullivan and her husband Richard of the Warren Whirley Gigs with Michael in the bow.
Sponsored by the Hull Lifesaving Museum, the Snow Row, was held on Saturday March 10 at the Windmill Point Boathouse in Hull. Crowds of rowers and spectators gathered on the beach beside the museum’s Windmill Point Boathouse for the wild, LeMans-style start. The Snow Row is open to rowers of all ages and all varieties of human-powered wooden boats – peapods, dories, wherries, whitehalls, ocean shells, kayaks, pilot gigs, captain’s gigs, and Irish currachs. Youth and adult crews and rowers come from all over New England, New York, and Ireland to participate. The variety of boats lined up on the beach is a wonderful sight. It is exciting and important for Village Community Boathouse to be part of this international rowing community.
The race has five boat categories: workboats, livery boats, coxed boats, ocean kayaks, and ocean shells. VCB’s King Tide, a coxed six Pilot Gig, may not have won in its category but we finished the 3 3/4 mile race in respectable time- 54:42.

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