Dave Clayton’s Movie Extravaganza

Dave got to the Boathouse at 5:30, hardworking PAs from: Jewel Box Productions, Kaufman Astoria studios, The ‘Untitled James Gray Project’, were there much earlier with the ubiquitous ‘Haddads’ production vehicles.
Eric Russel & I got the ‘Silversides’ into the water.
The our neighbor the Lovely ‘Lilac’ a circa 1920’s steamer, a former bouy tender was already on set at the North side of Pier 40.
She was held in place two tugs, moored to a barge on her starboard.
The barge was to hold a green screen so a ’20’s’ cityscape could be CGI’d into the scene.
The north side was dressed with period luggage, a wooden gang way.
The movie, as i understand, is to star Joachim Phoenix, and others, the plot: the saga of two immigrant sisters one ill on Ellis Island, while one attempts to earn enough to free her sister, suffering under the unkind attention of young Mr Pheonix, who, murders a would-be rescuer… or something like that.

(I don’t know the female lead, I passed on the opportunity to speak with Mr Gray, got boats to maintain & I quickly grew tired of the earnest company of young PAs with their radios, I carried Franks marine radio so i would fit in).

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