Head of the Weir- 2011

Six VCB rowers, were joined by Linda Remington of the Warren Whirleygigs, for this 5.5 mile row sponsored by The Hull Lifesaving Museum. This was the racing debut for King Tide, VCB’s 32′ Cornish Pilot gig. Forty-three boats including kayaks, racing shells, six and four oared boats from all over New England and New York competed. The race began at the mouth of the Weir River, a narrow estuary and then out onto open water, traveling past Bumpkin Island, across Hull Bay, to the museum’s Windmill Point Boathouse at Hull Gut.
Although we were a little slow, we did finish the race and King Tide’s razzle dazzle paint job got a lot of attention. King Tide finished 34th out of 43 boats in the race. We were last in the Adult Pilot Gig category with a time of 1:14:16. Our time was 1 minute, 16 seconds slower than Cady with a crew of Whirleygigs from Warren, RI. As Dave Palsgrove remarked, we were the slowest of the fast boats and the fastest of the slow boats.

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