Failed Plankton Harvest with Mara Hazeltine

VCB was recruited to assist in Mara’s plankton project which involves collecting plankton from all over the world. She then creates 3D photographic images which are used as the basis for sculptures.
Plankton are significant because they are responsible for nearly half of our planet’s oxygen and are the foundation of the ocean food web. The word plankton comes from the Greek word “planktos” which means drifting.
Sadly, due to an unfortunate net loss the plankton fetch was a bust. When the equipment is replaced a second attempt to collect ‘hometown pankton’ will be attempted.
After the failed attempt, the crew rowed to pier 26 and put in at the South Side floating dock without incident.

Mark Temme, the Paddle board instructor guru gave Sally and Mario Russo seperate lessons in chase handling, Mario handled chase boat deployment and retrieval.

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