Snow Row by Nadia Chaudhury

Hi guys!

So my Snow Row photoessay is up on the Time Out Boston website!

There’s a good shot of the Bird and Storm Queen!

-Nadia Chaudhury

Rowers from all over the East Coast streamed into the South Shore this past Saturday to compete in the 32nd Snow Row. As the Hull Lifesaving Museum’s signature race, the Snow Row attracts a wide range of competitors to take part in one giant and chaotic competition. The launch of a tiny cannonball at Windmill Point Beach started the rowers running down to their boats to start the 3.3-mile journey. The course looped around both Sheep Island and Harrys Rock, and came back to the beach.

Before the race, Ed McCabe, director of Maritime and New Program Development at the Hull Lifesaving Museum, spoke to the rowers and coxswains. He warned that the wind would make the trek to and around Sheep Island and Harrys Rock difficult. The rowers in the 204 competing boats would get their “brains beaten up,” as McCabe put it, adding that the wind would make the trip back “a sled ride.”

For more information, visit the Hull Lifesaving Museum’s website.

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